Eating correctly in case of nausea

Almost all expectant mothers experience nausea at some point during their pregnancy. Most women experience it at the beginning of pregnancy.

A few tips for milk nausea:

  • Eat a little before getting up, for example, digestive biscuits, rusks or crispbread.
  • With it, drink a cup of tea.
  • Give yourself time and get up slowly.
  • Arrange your meals and drinks well throughout the day.
    Do not eat too much at once.
  • Between meals, eat foods that contain lots of carbohydrates, for example, wholemeal products, dry toast, biscuits, breakfast cereals without sugar, fruit, vegetables or salads.
  • Avoid foodstuffs with a high fat and sugar content.

If these tips do not help or if you suffer from persistent or severe vomiting, please seek medical help.

Discuss all your questions with your doctor and read the following information: