Prenatal classes

Please register for prenatal class. You will receive important information about the process of labour, breathing techniques and much more. If possible, do the course in the hospital in which you would like to give birth to your child. Expectant fathers are also welcome to many courses!

Good to know! The family midwifes of MA 15 offer free prenatal classes, individual and couples counselling, breast feeding group, baby groups and recovery gymnastics. In midwife centres also offer consultation and many different offers

Nutrition workshops

The Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse offers pregnant women and their families free workshops with the following content:

  • We talk about your personal everyday diet.
  • We give recommendation about nutrition during pregnancy.
  • Together we try different food.
  • We give tips about nutrition in case of complaints during pregnancy.
  • We take time for personal questions and discussions.