If everything turned out differently

Children with special needs

Children with a disability are a particular challenge for the whole family. The normal tasks of raising a child then also include appointments with doctors, support measure and often more care and support. Depending on the type of disability, this can involve a lot of time and costs.

And still: Life with these “special” children also has wonderful sides! Trust your feeling, your strengths and your abilities.

Use the support of the experts and encourage your child as much as possible. Each small learning step will help your child and the other members of the family.

Discuss all your questions with your paediatrician and read the following information:

Anticipation turns into grief – death of the baby before, during or after the birth

Sometimes babies die before, during or shortly after birth. This is an incredibly terrible experience for parents. The joy of having the child changes into shock, pain and grief from one moment to another.

Experiences show that the death of a baby is coped with better, if the parents are able to say goodbye. They are allowed to hold their baby, give it a name, bathe it and dress it. A photo, hand or foot print can be a wonderful memory. Even a burial or a funeral helps say goodbye.

In Vienna, babies are buried after a miscarriage or stillbirth. You can determine where and how your baby is buried.

If a baby dies, almost all families experience a crisis. The partner, siblings and other relative – each person deals with the event differently. Often it is difficult to understand the feelings of others. Use the offers of midwives, psychotherapists, self-help groups and professionals.

Discuss all your questions with your doctor and read the following information: