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Should your child be born in a public maternity clinic? Then you must register and sign up! Select up to three clinics for the birth of your child. You arrive at your desired clinic this quickly and easily:

Please inform us…

  • if your data changes during pregnancy (address, name, etc.)
  • if your registration is no longer required (for example: registration with a private clinic)

Register on Geburtsinfo Vienna

Please register on or via telephone on 1450 – this is the only way we can reserve a place for the birth of your child! Enter your personal data and select up to three desired clinics, which you prefer the most for the birth of your child. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation for your registration and a personal registration number.

Reservation of your desired clinic

From the 22nd week of pregnancy, we will inform you which clinic has reserved a place for you. If none of your desired clinics have a free spot, Geburtsinfo Vienna will reserve a place at another clinic near you. You will find all the contact details on your maternity clinic in this reservation letter. Book an appointment at the reserved clinic for personal registration as soon as possible.

Apply in person

You will come in person to your clinic for registration. Please carry the following documents with you: the reservation letter, your e-card, an official photo-ID, the pregnancy passport and latest reports. The clinic will confirm the registration during this appointment. This fixes the slot for the birth of your child.

Geburtsinfo Vienna wishes you good luck for your pregnancy and birth!

Register now

You can contact us on:
Phone: 1450