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Registration for birth here or by phone at 1450.

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Before the birth

When you find out you are pregnant, most of your thoughts revolve around the future. What will the pregnancy be like? How is the baby? How will life change with the baby?

before the birth

The Birth

Do you already know where you will have your baby? Register at a hospital for a birth as early as possible.  Here you will find all the information you need about public maternity clinics in Vienna.

about childbirth

After the Birth

Pregnancy and birth will change your life. Do you feel sad or agitated after the birth? Are you overwhelmed by all the new things? When it comes to the care and raising of children, the parents are faced with different tasks and challenges.

after the birth


Dear citizens of Vienna, and parents-to-be,
Expecting a child is a happy event, but it can also be a nerve-wracking one. There are a lot of questions associated with pregnancy and childbirth that need answering.

What happens during pregnancy?
Which tests have to be carried out?
What should my eating habits be like?
Which hospital is the right one for me and my baby?
When and where must I sign up for the birth?

You can find information here on the topics of pregnancy and birth. In particular, we’ll give you an overview of the many maternity services the 8 non-profit hospitals provide. From setting up a room for a patient, via the number of births per year, offers of therapy, birthing room equipment, numbers of staff, to the aftercare opportunities for mother and baby, and much, much more.
To make this website as safe and easy to use as possible for you, we’ve used plain and simple English in order to help you understand all the important information.
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We wish you all the best!