Today there are many possibilities to help women feel less or even no pain during birth. For example, this includes the epidural, also known as epidural anaesthesia, or a caesarean section on request, this means, without it being necessary. These procedure are considered modern and more and more women choose them. Therefore, some people believe that the pain during birth is unbearable and that it is best avoided. They also consider the contraction pain to be unnecessary and believe that the pain should be treated.

But contractions and pain are a part of natural childbirth. An the pain is important and even useful! These are a few reasons:

  • The birthing pain makes women active. If women can move during birth, they automatically assume positions that makes the pain more tolerable. This also reduces the pressures on the baby’s head and thus, the stress for the child. Furthermore, in this manner, the mother protects herself from injuries.
  • The pain makes the body release hormones. This gives the mother particularly strength and energy for the birth. Some hormones however, also help the baby to deal with the strain. And they support the child immediately after birth, once it needs to adjust to life outside the mother.
  • The pain causes the mother to produce endorphins, these are hormones that make the pain more tolerable. This protects both the mother and the baby from severe pain. At no other time does a women produce more endorphins in the body than right after birth.
  • Birthing pain is a very special experience. Most women find that they feel strengthened and more mature after a natural birth. This provides confidence for life as a mother.

A good birth preparation can contribute a lot towards making the birth a unique experience. Here, women and couples learn which methods can help during birth and how to best deal with the pain.

  • The birth process is faster if the woman moves or if she stands or sits up right.
  • Conscious breathing during birth helps the mother and child get enough oxygen. This provides both strength and energy and the woman can handle the pain better.
  • Relaxation between the contractions is very important. Here, massages, touch, a warm bath or hot water bottle can help.
  • If women are accompanied and supported by a trusted person during the birth, they need less pain relief. This has been proven!

It is good that modern medicine has several possibilities that can help safely deliver a child in the event of an emergency. But first of all, trust your body!