Puerperium after a caesarean section

In most cases, you can get up 6 hours after a caesarean section.
However, due to the pain and the side effects of the anaesthetic, you will not be able to move very well.

Therefore, in the beginning you will need a lot of support so that, for example, you can assume a good position while breastfeeding and can feed your baby.

Getting discharged from the hospital depends on how well you and your baby are doing. As soon as you feel ready, a discharge is possible.

The earlier you are discharged, the more important it is that you are supported at home by your family. Furthermore, a midwife should care for you and your baby at home.

A caesarean section is a stomach operation and you will need to look after yourself for a long time:
You should not lift anything heavy or practise any sports.
You should also avoid all other strenuous activities.

After a caesarean section it often takes a little longer for breastfeeding to work smoothly. Get support from a midwife or nurse.