Midwife counselling in the mother-child health passport

New in the mother-child health passport! Midwife counselling in the 18th to 22nd week of gestation

Recently, the mother-child health passport recommends having a consultation with a midwife between the 18th to 22nd week of gestation. In doing so, you can discuss everything that is important to you:

  • Pregnancy, birth and the initial period with the babe
  • Healthy diet, movement, sports
  • Birth preparation possibilities that are useful to you
  • How and where will you give birth?

The midwife will take time for your concerns, questions and possible worries. Use this specialist support already during your pregnancy!

This consultation is free of charge with midwives that have a health insurance contract.
In case of private midwives however, you must personally pay for the consultation. Submit your invoice to your health insurance provider because most providers will reimburse the entire amount.