Home birth

If you are healthy and there were no problems during pregnancy, you can also give birth to your child at home. For some women, a personal environment in the family gives them a feeling of security.

If you have decided on a home birth, you must however, observe:

  • Discuss your desire for a home birth with your doctor. He or she will help you weigh the risks
  • Choose your midwife no later than the 20th week of gestation
  • Go to all examinations stated in the mother-child health passport and regularly visit your doctor
  • For safety, register with a clinic that can be easily reached, in case of any problems.
  • Organise support for the time after the birth.

After the birth, the midwife will come to your home for up to eight weeks. She will support you and answer all questions about dealing with the baby.

During a home birth, the health insurance provider will pay for the following services:

  • during pregnancy: 4 home visits or consultations in the midwife’s surgery up to the 40th week of gestation
  • at the end of pregnancy: If the baby is not born by the calculated due date, up to three additional home visits or consultations in the midwives surgery in the 41st and 42nd week of gestation.
  • Support during the birth at home.
  • in the puerperium: one home visit a day in the first five days after birth.
  • up to the 8th week after birth: 7 additional home visits

If you need your midwife more regularly, you will be personally liable to pay for the costs.