The stage of expulsion

What is the stage of expulsion?

Once the cervix is fully dilated, i.e., 10 cm wide, the stage of expulsion begins.

During this period, the head of the baby must move through the cervix and through the vagina. The contractions in this phase are very strong. You will feel the cervix and the birth canal expand.

The midwife will tell you when to take a specific type of breath and when you need to push. If there is risk that the tissue behind the vagina tears, the doctor or midwife will make an episiotomy.

Once the baby’s head is born, the rest of the body usually follows with the next contraction.
You have done it – your baby is born!

In the event of a breech presentation, the baby moves with its bottom through the cervix and the vagina. This can prolong the birth and possibly lead to problems.