Contraception after the birth

Breastfeeding does not protect you from a new pregnancy! Therefore, you should consider what form of contraception you should use after the birth. As long as the lochia (bleeding in the uterus after birth) lasts, the risk of an infection is relatively high. If you want to have sex during this period, you must use a condom.

Do not take any contraceptive pills while breastfeeding. It contains too many hormones. However, there is an alternative, the mini pill, the three month injection or an etonogestrel contraceptive implant. These substances have a low hormone content that will not harm the baby.

Once the lochia has ended you can use the coil for contraception. If you use a diaphragm, you may have to readjust the size after the birth. Natural methods for contraceptions (calendar method, temperature measurements) are only safe once you have had a normal cycle.

Discuss all your questions with your doctor and read the following information: