Coronavirus Information

Is the Coronavirus transmissible to children?

Newborns can be infected with coronavirus. For this reason, appropriate protective measures (hand hygiene, protective masks) are in place for women suffering from coronavirus. The possibility of intrauterine transmission from mother to child is not completely ruled out, but is very unlikely.

Do women have to wear a mask during birth?

No, women do not wear a mask during birth, regardless of whether they have tested positive or negative for Covid-19. Patients who are not giving birth (e.g. as part of outpatient check-ups) or who have already given birth are asked, as are all patients, to wear mouth and nose protection outside their room.

Can an accompanying person be present at birth?

Yes, one accompanying person may be present during delivery. Special precautions apply to persons accompanying Covid-19 -positive women. They must not be in quarantine and must agree to the increased risk of infection at birth. The staff will inform you about all risks and regulations.

What are the visiting regulations?

You can find current visit regulations on and

Quarantined women are not allowed to receive visitors during their stay in hospital.

Which hospital can I give birth in if I am suffering from coronavirus?

Women who test positive for COVID-19 give birth primarily in the Ottakring Clinic (formerly Wilhelminenspital) and the Favoriten Clinic (formerly KFJ). In an emergency, all hospitals are prepared to accompany a birth under Covid-19 conditions. If you are diagnosed as positive for coronavirus and are going into labour, cannot feel your baby properly, are bleeding or need to go to a clinic for other acute reasons, please call the emergency services and let them know that you have tested positive for coronavirus. Please also inform the clinic by telephone before a planned hospital visit if you have tested positive for Covid-19.

Can the newborn baby stay with the mother after birth?

If the relevant hygiene rules are followed, women suffering from coronavirus may have contact with their children and can be accommodated in a shared room after the birth. In a consultation, the clinic team provides information about the possibilities and risks of accommodating the child after birth. The mother decides whether the child should stay with her after birth.

Is a woman who has tested positive for Covid-19 allowed to breastfeed her baby?

Women with Covid-19 can breastfeed if they adhere to the hygiene measures. The clinic team clarifies all questions about breastfeeding in a consultation.